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State Of The Art Procedure

Hair Transplant today has moved a long way from the past “pluggy” appearance; the movement of natural genetic Follicular Units (FU/grafts) now allows for the natural placement of the FU that mimics nature.

Dr Bisanga feels a great part of a hair transplant result is not just the medical ability of the doctor but the amount of artistic understanding the doctor has when designing a new head of hair; and this is vitally important with hair line placement. At BHR we understand that everyone is individual and that creativity is important to personality with great importance placed on the aesthetic quality of the result. In some ways the creation of a head of hair is a work of art, and the art does not need to be innovative to be good but it has to be natural. We are dedicated to push the boundaries of excellence in this area and mix with our medical and technical prowess to achieve world renowned results.

Technical ability then becomes important in being able to mimic nature to create the look of fullness from the hair at our disposal. To dense pack follicular units is an art and skill in its own right; the closer the slits are made the greater care has to be taken not to impair adjacent slits or hair groups. This technique is imperative to reaching a result in “one pass” and not having to return to the area potentially causing unnecessary trauma to the skin.

Slit placement and angulations will change dependent on genre and positioning on the scalp, especially in temple point reconstruction and crown rebuilding; although there can be some “poetic licence” nature has to be followed especially when placing within existing hair. In some case using a little creativity can expand the coverage of an amount of grafts whilst still maintaining the look of thickness and this is another reason when judging results, never assume like for like, because there is much more to a result than the simple placement of the hair in the head.

The term Mega Sessions is becoming more common in both FUE & FUT Techniques, the ability to move mass hair in one session. Dr Bisanga knows there is a fine line between speed and quality, and the two do not always mix. Paramount is the result and this must always be in mind over numbers or speed. FUE is much more labour intensive for the doctor as he should be performing much of the procedure himself, punching, extraction and slit placement, with the technicians placing the grafts. If this is the case and a high yield is expected consistently there will be a limit to one man’s ability to constantly increase the numbers. Strip/FUT is more reliant on the Medical Team therefore much greater numbers can be placed in one day, but this still relies on the Doctor controlling and advising the Medical Team through the procedure, like a well oiled machine, to ensure quality and numbers go hand in hand.

A hair transplant is not only about the result on the top of your head, the donor area is just as important and with technical improvements in tools size with FUE and closure techniques for FUT, scarring is becoming smaller and less detectable. FUE punch size has been shown to be an important product in reducing the appearance of scars, and in some cases make them invisible to the eye. Dr Bisanga has been involved with FUE research for many years and published research at International Transplant meetings showing the effects the wrong size tool can have on the donor area. The introduction of the Tricophytic Closure, a technique used by BHR, is used to minimise the look of the linear scar with Strip procedures; this enables hair to grow back through the line thus camouflaging the appearance more and allowing the person to keep their hair shorter than before.

When combined, all of these aspects make for artistry and medical ability coming together to produce a great result.


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