Hair line design:Is considered to be the most important aspect... [more]

Coverage & Density: Hair loss can be divided into 3 regions...[more]

Strip v Fue: There is no reason why FUT and FUE cannot live ...[more]

Dense Packing: Allows a natural result beachieved ...[more]

Hair Loss: Does not become obvious until approx 40% loss...[more]

Repair Surgery: Deciding to have a Hair Transplant is hard enough without...[more]

Male Pattern Baldness: Is a medical condition that affects some 25% of men in their 20's...[more]




Is A Hair Transplant Right For Me?

Can Anyone Have A Hair Transplant?

A H/T is generally used to treat MPB & FPB, but not alopecia Areata or trichotillamania cases. The fact that every person keeps hair around the sides and back of their head does not mean they are suitable for a H/T. Extensive education has to take place to ensure that the person is aware what can be achieved and the doctor is aware of the goals of the patient. Very often, a H/T is a compromise between doctor and patient after extensive education.

Can I Get A Full Head Of Hair Again?

The art of H/T is all about the illusion of a full head of hair; logic says you cannot replace every lost hair but you can mask the baldness to give the illusion of a head of hair. It is fact that most men do not realise they are thinning until they have lost 40% of their hair; and because of this we do not have to mimic nature to give the appearance of a full head of hair.

What Is Donor Management?

This is vital to the long-term happiness of the patient; we have a finite amount of hair to transplant so it is important it is used wisely. The patient must be educated into the limitations and the potential for future hair loss, their age, their hair loss classification and the goals they wish to achieve. Some men may have home run hair, meaning they can treat any degree of hair loss whereas others maybe limited to the coverage that can be achieved.

What Are Hair Characteristics?

People with better characteristics will have a better potential to achieve a better result with fewer grafts. Examples such as course hair, curl, density, skin colour in relation to hair colour will all lend themselves to a better result.

Will It Look Natural?

The art of a H/T is not just the technical ability of the doctor but very importantly their flare for design, especially when creating the front hair line. The doctor who has this ability to design will create the most natural looking head of hair, totally undetectable from natural growing hair. This will make the difference between a good H/T and a great H/T.


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