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Health, Healing & Aftercare

What Are The Health Risks?

There are very few health risks associated with a H/T; that said all medical precautions are taken as with any surgical procedure. The risks realistically surround the healing process and post operative infection.

Will My Health Affect The H/T?

Generally there are no medical conditions that would deter you from undergoing a H/T; that said a blood test is taken before and it is your responsibility to declare any medical conditions or medications that you are or have taken.

Pre op and post op certain precautions can be taken to aid the healing and reinforce the best possible result. These revolve around anything that may effect the cardio vascular system. It is advised you desist from smoking or drinking alcohol before and after the procedure (Pre & Post Op Instructions).

How Long Does The Healing Take?

This can be dependent of the procedure; the recipient site heals at the same speed for either procedure but the donor healing may vary. In the recipient area you will left with short shafts of hair surrounded by a small scab; you begin to wash your hair the day after the procedure and slowly the scabs are washed away and the shafts of hair fall out; this normally takes 10-12 days before there is very little to see. With the donor area and strip the suture can be hidden if your hair is kept long; the can be removed 10 days post surgery; the area will remain a little red for a month while the skin tissue relaxes. With FUE in donor, the punches are hidden by your hair growth; even come 7 days it is hard to see any signs of the H/T, whilst they naturally heal.

Swelling can occur on the forehead, especially in large procedures that involve hairline creation. This is normal, starts the day after the procedure and last normally three days. There is no medical danger to your health or the success of the procedure, gentle massage and an ice pack will keep this to a minimum.

What After Care Is Needed?

Post operative care helps stop infection and speeds the healing process. Products consist of anti bacterial cleansers and shampoos, they are generally used for the first two weeks and then back to your regular products.

Can I Go To Work And Play Sport Straight Away?

Although the procedure is classed as minor, it is a surgical procedure and so a couple of days rest is advised. The cosmetic signs of the H/T will last for a couple of weeks, and dependent on you life style a job you may wish to wait until it is not visible; but it is perfectly feasible to return to work within a couple of days easily.

Physical activity is not advised for a number of weeks postoperative; this is for a number of reasons. The cardio vascular system does not need to be tested whist the grafts are becoming embedded in the recipient area and any scar line could stretch if there was pressure or pulling on the scalp skin tissue.


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