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Costs, Terms & Conditions


BHR Clinic believe in transparency and patient care, we try to ensure that from your initial contact to long after your procedure you feel in safe and professional hands.

Unless stated the fees listed below represent the cost per graft/follicular unit placed for both FUE & FUT/Strip Techniques either virgin scalp or non repair cases.

Smaller graft numbers of either FUE or FUT not listed can include such procedures as eyebrow, beard or sideburn reconstruction or small patterns of hair loss to treat will be assessed on an individual basis to cater to the needs of each person.

Repair cases can hold many different challenges and requirements not considered in a normal case, Dr Bisanga has a reputation for treating some of the most demanding repairs seen and this may involve such techniques as graft removal and redistribution, scar revision/FU placement in to a scar line and placing in previously impaired skin. For this reason and because of the personal nature of repair cases they are treated on an individual basis and after consultation to cater to the needs of each person.


Price per Graft

Strip/Tricophytic Technique

Price per Graft

FUE Technique

2000-3000 €2.85
500-1000 €5.50
3001-4000 €2.75
1000-2500 €4.00
4001 plus €2.55
2500 plus €3.85

Our pricing structure means the more grafts you have the less you pay for all the grafts, not just over each threshold. For example, 3200 Strip procedure equals 3200 x €2.75 total €8800.00 or a 1600 FUE procedure, 1600 x €4.00 total €6400.00

Terms & Conditions of Payment

Booking Deposit

A deposit of €1700.00 or 50% of the estimated graft numbers if less than €1700.00 is required to reserve your date; if the procedure is being booked within 30 days of the date a 50% is required initially.

Part Payment

30 days prior to your procedure a second payment is to be made making the total amount paid equal to 50% of the estimated quoted fee.


The balance is due on the final day and completion of your procedure. The Balance is payable with cleared funds, meaning credit/debit card or cash. All other methods of payment such as bank transfers, personal or business cheques must be agreed with the Clinic before you arrive; if not you will be charged 3% of the balance or higher depending on bank charges to process the payment in due time.

Refund, Re-schedule Policy & Graft Count

We believe in education and transparency when advising on a hair transplant and we ask that before you make any commitment you are sure of your decision.

Your initial deposit confirming your surgery date is expressly non-refundable.

At your pre-operation consultation with the doctor the number of grafts will be re-assessed by the doctor and you will be given a very clear indication as to the final amount; it your responsibility to make clear the number of grafts you are willing to pay up to otherwise any amount over you will be charged for.

The rescheduling/postponing of your procedure may result in an administration charge if that date cannot be rebooked otherwise your payment will be transferred to the new date.

On cancellation the amount paid will be refunded less your initial deposit (€1700.00) and reasonable administration fees.

Any terms and conditions above do not override your statutory rights under European Law and your rights of appeal.



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