Hair line design:Is considered to be the most important aspect... [more]

Coverage & Density: Hair loss can be divided into 3 regions...[more]

Strip v Fue: There is no reason why FUT and FUE cannot live ...[more]

Dense Packing: Allows a natural result beachieved ...[more]

Hair Loss: Does not become obvious until approx 40% loss...[more]

Repair Surgery: Deciding to have a Hair Transplant is hard enough without...[more]

Male Pattern Baldness: Is a medical condition that affects some 25% of men in their 20's...[more]




Day Of procedure

The Hair Transplant is medically a minor surgical procedure performed under local aesthetic with no overnight stay or bandages required.

After the pre op consultation to discuss design and expectations the first step is to remove the follicular units from the donor area, by either Strip or individual extraction. The placement sites are then made and then the placement of the follicular units.

Most procedures are scheduled over a working day, starting at approximately 08:00; with breaks for breakfast and lunch.

There is no need for a clinic overnight stay, bandages and post-operative treatment is provided.





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