Hair line design:Is considered to be the most important aspect... [more]

Coverage & Density: Hair loss can be divided into 3 regions...[more]

Strip v Fue: There is no reason why FUT and FUE cannot live ...[more]

Dense Packing: Allows a natural result beachieved ...[more]

Hair Loss: Does not become obvious until approx 40% loss...[more]

Repair Surgery: Deciding to have a Hair Transplant is hard enough without...[more]

Male Pattern Baldness: Is a medical condition that affects some 25% of men in their 20's...[more]



We appreciate it may not always be possible, convenient, or at this stage required to have a personal consultation. Our on line consultation service allows for a no obligation and confidential assessment of your case. Simply email clear pictures with the views set out as follows:- Front View, Top View, Rear View, Left Side View, Right Side View.

The online consultation will allow us to determine your class of hair loss, estimation of grafts and suitable technique. A complete explanation of procedures, donor hair management, and hair retention will be included in the price estimation.

This is the first step in introducing you to the principles of the hair transplant. We believe it is important that you have the knowledge and be informed of the choices available. Total transparency and your wellbeing are of paramount importance to us.


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